Consistently following up with your leads is key to finally getting those deals closed out. Follow up, hurry up and wait, and follow up again!

Keep in touch

Keeping in touch with email is the easiest way to follow up. Remember, as mentioned on the end of the previous page, if you haven’t been told “no” continue to check in. If your impression is that they’re bothered, consider waiting an extra week before checking in again. Use your best judgement with this.

On average, many leads can take months of following up weekly, bi weekly, or even monthly, before they will lead to closing a deal.

Try to be human in your follow ups when possible. Start the email with a casual/friendly line. I hope your vacation went well/I hope you are well/How has the week been so far? Etc.

when you get that

If you’ve reached the point where you have secured a “yes”; Contact your Director of Sales (DOS), and let them know that you’re ready to schedule a meeting with a new potential client. The DOS can help you strategize for your meeting, as well as go with you, or even in place of you for your meetings!

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