Once you’ve put together enough information, it’s time to break first contact with your new potential client, and begin your chase!

Don’t give up!

Its best to build a list of potential clients that you will continually follow up with. Its common that it will take 6 to 7 tries before you’ll have a reply from your potential client.

Start with Emailing

We recommend that you start with an email. Here is a link to an example of what one of my emails look like;


Once you’ve identified the problem with the current site and have sent your first email, we suggest that you let them know you’ll be reaching out again next week at the end of the email.

My own personal method, is to create a short video of myself reviewing a potential design that could be used for creating a new site, and to talk about all of the features of the design that create user engagement, and ultimately conversion for the business.

Ask the design team to select a design that they think would be appropriate for your potential client!


that unless someone has specifically told you that they aren’t interested in our services, and do not wish to be contacted anymore, that you should continue to follow up each week!

Your Director of Sales (DOS) will check in with you weekly to see what your status is with your leads, and to help you strategize.

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