The first part of the sales process is to gather information, and prepare to make first contact with your potential client. As a sales associate, we have a list of clients that we’d like you to approach.

Check out the business


check out what engine your potential clients current site is built on by using wappalyzer, or another tool from our Sales Tool Kit. If a site is built on WordPress to begin with, we have the option of offering a change in hosting plan as a minimum sale point.


Other hosting companies, such as GoDaddy, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix do not offer web maintenance as a part of a hosting plan. This gives us an edge, and allows us to offer hosting to WordPress site owners in a “we can manage your site for you” type of light.



The next stop to check, is if a site has an SSL certificate that is up to date. This is represented by the padlock icon to the left of the web URL. If instead, this reads as “Not Secure” this is the most likely indicator that the sites SSL certificate is out of date.


Our hosting plan automatically updates SSL certificates. Websites that do not have an up to date SSL certificate are penalized in search ability over time by google. We’re here to fix that.

Mobile Responsiveness


Press F12 while viewing a site to toggle the mobile view of the current site you are looking at. A properly mobile responsive website will scroll in a vertical format. Sites that aren’t mobile responsive, will often require pinch zooming on mobile devices, and aren’t accomodating to a mobile user’s viewing experience.


Sites that aren’t formatted to be mobile responsive are also penalized in search ability by google over time. All of our designs that we sell are mobile responsive, and we can likely even throw in creation of a mobile responsive version of their current site for free when the client signs up to host with us.

These are some commonly occurring aspects that are often present in websites owned by small businesses.

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