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Why we do what we do.

We understand starting a business or even maintaining it takes a lot of time and money.  Sometimes this means not ever starting a web presence or doing a much needed redesign. If you don’t have the time for DIY sites or want to spend a ton of money hiring a developer to get your website up and running, then look no further … WHITE SPACE STUDIO CAN HELP!


Kuldip S
Kuldip S
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10 stars for the great service, amazing communication, and high quality work!!! Sam Schechter contacted me out of the blue and mentioned a great deal they were giving for website redesign. I was at first skeptical thinking they lived in Nigeria and... You get the picture! This deal was too good to be true until I looked them up and did enough research to know that they run an amazing company. Sam scheduled a meeting with me and the owner Marlon, and they were the coolest guys I've ever met in a first meeting ordeal!
I felt comfortable giving them my business right off the bat and even left a company that serviced me for 2 years because they just know what they are talking about. The best part, they don't need to sugarcoat or BS you because they are just genuine guys! Hard to find in this industry! I run a 200+ 5 star review company so I must tell you: SERVICE is the most important thing to me! They did everything I asked for and went above and beyond to do more!
Now I am looking to do more with them! I don't understand why they only have a few reviews because they are the "cherry on top" when it comes to website design! Thank you Marlon and Sam for making my online business look like a 5 star hotel! I look forward to working with you for many years to come! 🙂
Gee W.
Gee W.
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These guys did the logo design, branding, and website work for Hawaii Youth Symphony's rebrand in 2018. Awesome job!! The look updated the org with a fresh, clean visual style, and now a year later, you can see how much resonance it has with their followers and constituents... the students and volunteers rock the logo wear and the logo and website are a great conversation pieces. As someone who uses the HYS website frequently, I can attest to its UX; it is very easy to navigate, find information on, and use. Also, I heard from one of their staff that WSS is very easy to work with.
If I were to do something for my own company, I would definitely consider WSS.
Musikgarten H
Musikgarten H
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The owner, Marlon's excellent services and care for my website always amaze me. His quick responses to my requests and his work have earned my trust with my website, and I'm very happy that he's always on my side to help my business grow.
James D
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The guys at white space did an awesome job building my website. They are available anytime I need them. Great company. Whole heartedly recommend
Liza N
Liza N
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Absolutely the BEST TEAM EVER!!! I can't describe with words how happy I am with the work they have done and continue to do with my website en-beauty.com check it out! The best communication, customer service and quality! I've been burnt by several different web developers in the past, they took my website hostage and were asking for more $ then what was in our agreement! But White Space Studio was highly recommended by a dear friend I trust very much! So I decided to give them a shot! Not only did they help me get my credentials and old site back, they handed over all my passwords and taught me how to use and update my new build site! I'm extremely pleased with this company, they are very diligent, honest and transparent about everything from the start. They keep amazing me more and more on weekly basis, when I ask questions or ask for help! They always respond right away, and help continuously! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM FOR YOUR BUSINESS! You will not be dissatisfied guaranteed! Thank you White Space Studio for your outstanding work! I wish there would be more companies like yours!
Josh R
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The team at White Space studios helped create our awesome website and have hosted it now for over 3 years. We recently worked together to create a new site. After much patience on their part I'm thoroughly satisfied with the results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend White Space Studios!
Jonathan S
Jonathan S
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White Space Studio has done a fantastic job for us. They developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing plan that has resulted in a substantial increase in business. I find Marlon and his team to be knowledgeable, responsive, and prepared. We trust White Space Studio completely and I would recommend them without hesitation.
Amber H
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The team at White Space is really great. They design, host, and work on SEM for us, and we couldn't be happier. Every update we ask for is done quickly, they even make suggestions and find new ways of doing things for us. It's really unusual for an outside contractor. On top of all that, they're very reasonably priced. Highly recommend.
Kathryn H
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The team at White-Space is responsive, professional, competent and super honest. They have superior media design skills and not only take direction well, but give great input on what they see in the competitive environment. You can't do better than entrusting your most critical projects to them!

How does this work?

Fill out the form to first see if you qualify for  a FREE website.  It can be your very first website OR it can be a new design for your existing one!





We will review your application and will get contact you shortly by phone or email and let you know if you do qualify for a FREE website.  

If not, we have very affordable themes that we can build around your brand.

Custom estimates will be provided for some added features.

Once you agree to move forward, we will go ahead and build your website!



What automatically comes with your websites?

We HIGHLY recommend having your website host with us.  It will improve performance and has added benefits.

Check out why our hosting plan is so UNIQUE

Although we are here to help you save time by having us to the bulk of the work; know you can always access it and make changes using an easy-to-use editor!

Training can be provided upon request.  We also have video tutorials and documentation.

Your website can automatically sell products online if you need to!

Regularly update your viewers by posting topics of your choice.

Use the social media tools to share your pages & products as well as linking to your social media accounts.

Display wonderful photos of your work for all to see!

Embed your YOUTUBE or Vimeo videos with ease!

White Space Studio regularly sends out newsletters to all of their clients.  These newsletters will cover tips, news, promotions, and even services from our clients!  

We automatically create a Google Analytics Account for you.  Don’t worry, YOU WILL own it.  We just help you with the initial setup.

If you already have one, then we can use your account to track your website!

What other services do we provide?


$ 35
  • Secure
  • Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Testing Environment
  • Speed
  • One Fixed Price


$ 500+
  • Audit
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Monthly Reports


$ 2,000+
  • Logo
  • Typeface
  • Color Theme
  • Website Theme
  • Print Design
  • More


Flexible prices, Retouching, Drone photography
  • Corporate
  • Products
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Art Copies
  • Events