Following Up

SALES TRAINING Consistently following up with your leads is key to finally getting those deals closed out. Follow up, hurry up and wait, and follow up again! Keep in touch Keeping in touch with email is the easiest way to follow up. Remember, as mentioned on the end of the previous page, if you haven’t […]

Chasing Leads

SALES TRAINING Once you’ve put together enough information, it’s time to break first contact with your new potential client, and begin your chase! Don’t give up! Its best to build a list of potential clients that you will continually follow up with. Its common that it will take 6 to 7 tries before you’ll have […]


SALES TRAINING The first part of the sales process is to gather information, and prepare to make first contact with your potential client. As a sales associate, we have a list of clients that we’d like you to approach. Check out the business INFORMATION TO GATHER check out what engine your potential clients current site […]

Our Products

SALES TRAINING At White Space Studio we offer products and services that help businesses. WEB HOSTING Our unique hosting service costs $35 as a monthly recurring charge. It doubles as a WordPress site maintenance plan. This is the product that ties a client into the community of White Space Studio. Includes: a collective hour of […]