Why choose our service plan

A plan that helps your business grow!

Maintenance Plan.

Our staff is ready to help you with website, hosting, or any other of our services. When you host with us, you get:

For an hour per month, we can provide you with technical support including modifying your pages, inserting galleries, change content, etc.

Our staff will make recommendations on improving your website’s usability, design, and performance.

We will always respond in a fast, timely manner.  

Speedy Communicating

If you are on WhatsApp, let us know! We can create a group chat specifically for your business.  The group will consist of everyone in our support team.

You can also reach out to us on a support email address that goes out to everyone in our support team.

Secure Web Hosting

Unlike most shared hosting companies that configure their hosting environment to cater to multiple content management systems, which leaves the server open to vulnerabilities, we focus ONLY on WordPress websites. This means we optimize our hosting servers continuously to make sure you are up to the current standard.

Here are other security features that automatically come with Hosting with Us.

Let your customers know they are securely connecting to your website.  Search Engines also favor websites with SSL Certificates.

We install plugins that monitor security threats.

Our monthly system updates help keep your website up to current standards.

Fast Loading Times

We know the importance of having your website load quickly to avoid customers leaving.  Here are some of the ways we help improve your website’s loading time.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are systems of distributed servers that are intended to speed up website loading times and protect against issues caused by traffic spikes.

CDNs store copies of static content throughout their network, and then serve them up to users from the most geographically logical server location. Since they typically have servers all over the world, loading times can be sharply reduced.

When you have US build your website, we make sure the images you send us are optimized for quick loading time.

We can monitor your sites performance and see where the loading issues are coming from and take measures in fixing them.