Giving back to our community with Jesusa G. Lucas

In May of 2017 Jesusa started an unofficial association with her friends and colleagues. The intention of the association was to raise money to help people in difficult situations. During the first fundraiser, the group was able to raise a modest amount of funds, and help a large amount of struggling individuals in the Philippines.

It was in June of 2018 that the group struggled to agree on where the donations should be utilized, and Jess decided to dissolve the association. Shortly after, she started the official non profit All Is Well Foundation.
The foundation’s first fundraiser raised a greater amount of money, and her family matched the donations three times over. This money was used to provide food and support for over 3,000 struggling students and homeless in the Philippines and Hawaii. After this success, the foundation expanded its mission to alleviate the issues surrounding the homeless population here in Hawaii.
Creating and maintaining a safe place for our community in Hawaii has been an important goal for Jess. She approaches this goal with the intention of finding basic accommodation and necessity for the homeless in Hawaii. She believes that removing desperate situations from our streets is essential for keeping these individuals safe, as well as to maintain the safety of our community.
The All Is Well Foundation currently feeds 150 to 300 homeless people twice a month at the Institute For Human Services.
Jesusa is currently on the lookout for new sponsors, and anyone that is willing to support the All Is Well Foundation in continuing to help those in need, as well as keeping Hawaii safe for all.

See how you can help Jesusa make a difference!

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