Creative Design through minimalism and playfulness

Today’s story will be about the MVP of designers that White Space Studio has ever had the pleasure of being partnered with.  Don’t get me wrong, we have worked with many VERY talented designers.  What makes Judith stand out among the rest is that she co-founded White Space Studio, Inc.

Her minimalist designs paved the way for White Space Studio to be recognized as a branding team to look out for.  So it seems fitting that our first story will be about her.

Judith Oaten has a way of understanding what an audience wants when designing a website, logo, Instagram feed… well the list goes on and on.  Coming from Germany, and having lived in England, Italy, Hawaii, and now in Philadelphia; she incorporates her experiences from each place she’s been into her designs.  It is no wonder why people are drawn to her work.  She has fun and is very playful with her designs and the results speak for themselves.

Besides her work in branding White Space Studio, she is also responsible for :

Her decision to leave the company to pursue her passion for having her very own design products was bittersweet, to say the least.  However, we are so very proud of her for taking this huge leap into her next chapter and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for what she has done… not only for the company but also for me.  She taught me how to find the right designers to work with; AND she also set the standard on WHO I work with… not just designers.  I, personally am a workaholic, especially when it comes to my passion, and so was she.  It was a great pleasure to experience what you can achieve when the people you work with have the same mindset.

As 2019 rolled over she officially left the company and start two remarkable brands of her own.

Judith is now the founder of jun-o studio and owner of JuniperOats – a place for everything minimalist. Judith has been a creative entrepreneur for over 8 years now and at the core of all her business ventures have been the design and function of websites. Whether she needed one for her own businesses or built them for her countless happy clients. She just has an intrinsic intuition what makes people tick online and how things should logically flow – all the while everything she creates looks simply beautiful.

You can get the amazing expertise and experience in her first (of many) PREMIUM Website Themes as part of your hosting plan.

Before I end this post, I would like to say a few more words.  If you are looking for awesome designs or just an awesome designer to work with and shoot ideas around with, reach to her OR find a designer with as much passion for design as much as she does.  I truly believe a passionate designer can easily be spotted by the work they produce and the amount of it – check out her Instagram ( & ) and you’ll see what I mean.

But there’s more! Apart from launching an exclusive designer template collection with White Space Studio, she also has an awesome online store filled with easy-to-use Instagram templates that immediately transforms your social media strategies.