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Web design... ... can be tricky to figure out, especially when you’re just starting out. Logos, CTA’s, User Experience, wireframes, conversion rates — there’s a lot to consider, and a bunch of rules that typically apply to go along with it. Rules are everywhere in life; Obey public street signs... Pick up your dog's poop... And if you ever spent [...]

Case Study: H2O Ninja Mask

H20 Ninja Mask H2O Ninja Mask is a new company established in August 2015 that specializes in selling full face snorkel mask with their own patent pending design. They approached us to help them rebuild and redesign their website, as well as manage their online marketing budget to help build brand awareness and drive online sales. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES THE [...]

5 Minute Website Makeover

Three 5-minute videos to help you clarify your message and grow your business. How much is a confusing website costing you? How many sales are you missing out on? People will respond to your marketing collateral after you implement what you learn in these three short 5 Minute Videos by author Donald Miller. Video 1: why aren't customers buying? Part [...]

Google tightens SSL Certificate Security

it’s happening… Google will begin enforcing its Certificate Transparency initiative this October. It's an initiative that aims to make the entire SSL ecosystem safer. The initiative, which was originally proposed by Google, is designed to provide a greater deal of insight into the practices of Certificate Authorities (CAs). CAs are the companies that issue SSL Certificates. There are several guidelines and regulations [...]

PR Trends

the future of pr Public relations are an ever-changing industry that continues to evolve. PR is available to help companies overcome moments of crisis as well as brand identity issues and many other potential problems that businesses face on a regular basis. With the aim of providing the most effective service to clients, it’s necessary for PR firms to keep [...]

Can we be friends? Stunning font pairings.

the anatomy of typography Great fonts are essential to great design. But picking great fonts can seem like an impossible dark art for most people. In the article below, we’ll explain the basics of choosing great fonts and then give you our recent favorite combinations that you can use in your own marketing materials. Before we get started on the list [...]

10 Major Web Design Trends in 2017

1. everybody loves video Let’s all agree on one thing: videos are literally flooding the content space. A recent report from Google predicts that 74% of all web traffic in 2017 will come from video. Yes, that’s right. Practically three-quarters of ALL web traffic will be generated through video content. Such an increase is reminiscent of the dot com surge. [...]

HPU’s “ON AIR” Event Designs by 50 | 50 agency

50 | 50 agency‘s very own, Judith Brieger was chosen to creatively design the banner, flyers, poster, and programs for Hawaii Pacific University’s “ON AIR” event held April 26, 2015. The banner can be found in Fort Street Mall, Honolulu, while the posters will be displayed in the Hawaii Theatre. Additionally, Hawaii Theatre will be putting her flyers and programs […]

3 things YOU need to consider in 2015

  It’s 2015 and hopefully you’re in execution mode on achieving your business goals for the year. However, we believe there are 3 things you need to seriously consider in 2015 if you are to succeed online.   MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITES 2014 was the year where Internet usage on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) exceeded desktop, and this trend will continue on [...]

50 | 50 agency WINS Goodwill

We at 50 | 50 agency are proud to announce that Goodwill has appointed us for their marketing and design work. We look forward to helping Goodwill in their mission to invest in the community. Stay tuned for more news on this! About Goodwill Goodwill Industries of Hawaii, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation that helps people with employment barriers [...]

Top Online Services Business Should Use

With so many different companies out there aiming to make business tasks easier and automated, it is hard to not to be curious about taking advantage of these services.   If you find yourself stressing over methods that seem to make your life a little harder, then take a look at these available services. They may just relieve some weight [...]

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